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I am speechless. I am without speech.

So this day has been one of little ups and little downs, but right now I float.

I swear it, the theory that when Katie and I are good= the rest is good was proved quite correct today.

"Our hearts are made of it, let's take a chance. Why be afraid of it?" MMMMMMMMMMMmmmm. Makes me swirl.

I wrote today, and I am excited with what is brewing. I feel another burst coming.Story-wise, that is.

PIX messages are yes, an incredibly indulgent turn in our already technology obsessed culture and blah blah, but god-damn if they don't sweeten the deal just a smidge. Mm-mm-mm. I still can't believe it sometimes, when i think about it. It's almost...like winning the Life Lottery, to coin a common thought of mine.

Seinfeld is great. It's like it was invented for time-killing days.

Tarantino was on David Spade's show tonight. they played dollies and had the characters from grindhouse (in toy form) gun down the entire cast of the Anna Nicole BabyDaddy Trial. Blood spray bottles and everything. Henius~!

I await another call here, in this early hour of a day limbo.

Kate comes home in about sixteen hours. I have good vibrations concerning this weekend, which is unusual and probably influenced by the rather good week we've had. So that's pretty awesome.

Is it strange to find yourself dancing around your garage/bedroom, teasing your cat, deciding on soymilk or beer as a refreshment, all at once with sinatra singing into the One AM sky? Just wondering.

Blah bli blah, bloo bloo blah BLAH, blim blam blitz.

heh ahah ha. What am I doing here?

be seeing you.

See, I really should be writing, instead of here. ~shrug~ (the bridge of Fly Me to the Moon warms my lil ol heart every time)
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