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Oh, not the nipple...

So I am 21 years old.

That's the biggest thing.

Also, Kate is in Champaign (and so is Shannon, obviously)and they have an apartment and it is quite nice, despite the in-your-face Homeless peeps who steal bike parts and dumpster dive and actually Work for the apartment complex sometimes as cheap labor.
I spent an entire week (sans twenty hours I came home to reload and touch base) down there with them, and it ranged from absolutely awesome to strange to kind of bad. The stress levels were high, what with birthdays and school starting and new jobs and living alone. Overall it was a very good week and a fun birthday.
    We went to Bar Louie, and had dinner and I ordered drinks (the first of which was a Raspberry Mojito called a Hemingway, which tickled me quite a bit. Though the fact of his fate does ring a bit ill, I shrug in the face of drunken writer suicide) and so did they which was crazy fun and the night was low key and good. We watched The 40 Year Old Virgin and Ghostbusters and so I was very content. Kate's new bedroom is comfy, and actually so is their living room floor. I hope all goes well there.
    This has been an amazing gift year for me, as I'm unusually excited. I've got shot glasses, a t shirt and like four books that I'm very excited to read. And thats just Kate, Shannon and the Lamys. I think if I got only books for every birthday, I'd be pretty damned happy. Though diversity is so much fun as well. I cant help feel like a spoiled brat sitting here talking about birthday gifts, but whatever. Tis what tis.
    Since returning home from my U of Illinois voyage, I have felt somewhat grey and down, but that has in turn been great for my writing. I've written six short stories in the past three days and finished two longer simmering novella type stories. I feel great about that and can't wait to get them in tip-top shape grammatically so I can start shipping them into publishing houses and contests and whatnot.
    There's been a friend infusion lately, which has been surprisingly fulfilling. Aside from constant Kate-contact and good Shannon talks, I spent a night with Kristen and chatted about everything this side of the sun. I spoke with Michael and Katie and got food with them and sat and chatted about everything on the other side of the sun, and felt like I was able to smooth over a sometimes brittled connection thing. mmhm.
    Then I've been in touch with the now Iowa-Bound Tori, and figure that now that she's a few states Left on the map, maybe we'll be able to stay in touch and keep a friendship up. Go Figure. I will hang out with Jake this week, and Matt as well. I need to call Jen and Ian wanted me to stop by his new apartment at least once next time I'm down there. So hopefully the good streak will keep up.
    I need to find a new job, again, as my bosses at Paneener are ignorant, illiterate jagoffs who can't read notes and seem to have decided conspiracy theories about my intentions at their place of business are truer than any other alternative. So yeah. That's fun.
    As I said, I've been in a self conscious soggy rut, and I think this lovely yet stifling cave of a room may be contributing. I need to apply to colleges soon, and I don't know. Future Life is shaky and scary, from career to relationship to health.  Eek the Cat I get nervous about all that stuff so much, I'm probably exacerbating the whole thing tenfold. Stress is awful for the heart, and mine already has a Strike. ~sigh~
    I think I need to inject something huge and new into my blood, or Life, and see what happens when I shake it up. External solutions are almost always failures, but man do they seem promising in theory. Also, I have no ideas. Save the ones I write about. That's the only place that is safe. Warm. Accepting of my neurosis and pretentious floataways. They don't care that I'm a bad guy, they celebrate it.
    Life at 21, so far, is very nice,and fun, peppered with self-doubt and looming big questions. I've weathered much worse, and my flair for optimism will most likely win out here. So be it. I am quite hungry.I need Touch. Right about now, I think. Even if it isn't literal. Soultouch (though it sounds like a Final Fantasy spell or Magic card) would do.

Be seeing you.

Ah, to lament and lay about. Bless you, vile internet. I just laughed. A good one. And didn't feel like writing "ha".

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