Aj. (the_cheeseman) wrote,

Should I call the cops? I'm gonna call the cops.

So I have internet in my room again, kinda.

I just left the walgreens on 95th and Roberts ad it iis being renovated and updated like crazy.

Out of 6,000 locations, 4 are getting this makeover, and our lil' walgreens in Hickory is one of them.

I got all of this privy information from a middle aged graveyard shift employee named Raul.

He also told me that Green tea got rid of his lactose intolerancy and that Heinz brand apple cider vinegar cured his heart burn. For good.

I purchased a box of Honey Bunches of Oats and two quart bottles of soy milk.

I had a hankering for cereal since I left Kate's, and decided that I was due a 4 am indulgence.

Things are moving and shaking in El Vida del AJ, but I've no time to get into it now.

I've got to get back to Mega Man and Carrie Bradshaw and have me a bowl a cereal. This is the norm for most nights lately. I am strangely content.

Be seeing you.

Word of the day: Afartment.
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