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Writing an anti-war book is like writing an anti-glacier book.

So Kurt Vonnegut is dead. He fell the other day and received irreversible brain damage, and died from wounds sustained late last night. This is extremely sad because he was so imaginative and out of his mind, and has spent the last few years upset about Prsident Bush and convinced that the world is endin. However, the man was 84, and fought in World War II, and released moe books and stories than most contemporary authors dream of, and has literally become part of the fabric of the past copule generations and the country itself. For me, at least, this lessens the blow as he will be immortal in that way, and seems to have led a full, wild life. Yeah I don't know. I read his last interview in Rolling Stone last summer and it was sad, and now this. Maybe I'll reread Cat's Cradle or something. Or give it to someone who's never read it. That'd probably be better.

SO as for the rest of my Life, not too much is happpening. My Uncle is gone and my comic shop closes in two weeks, and I'll have to drive up to 95th and Kedzie to pick up books every wednesday. Kate has been much better this week and last night we had an amazing long conversaion about Jenny Saville and the state of the World and Lost and Tori Amos and being an Author and people we know who we don't really know, because they know so much more than they actually know. It was so invigorating, really, to be able to talk to her again, not about us or drama, but about the Lives around us. I woke up feeling lighter and like freshly clean laundry. I've been watching a lot of Seinfeld and using goofy workout machines in my room. I miss The Office. Playing Magic will always be fun. I think i'll write a story tonight. Yeah?

Be seeing you.


Lost last nite was amazing. it makes me want to tell stories, it's so mmm. And a New White Stipes album in june. 

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