Aj. (the_cheeseman) wrote,

Reach up!

okay, it is snowing like crazy-sluch and it's mid-april.

what the heck?

It feels like winter break.   

i woke up kate this morning and she was the cutest, most tiredy-sweet person ever. Always so sweepy. 

Today is comics and I am way excited. 


It's a lazy day. I can't even go job hunt in this weather. 

Oh yeah, and I have to say, that even as a relatively intelligent person who is just as annoyed by Mtv as the next guy, but Fuck if Punk'd isn't SO much fun it's sickening. My mom DVR'd a marathon, and yeah, Ashton Kutcher is irritating, but when I can see Jewel screaming obscenities at guys and Freddy Rodriguez on the verge of tears over his dog being stolen, it is all worth it. 

So yeah. 

Weird day.

Be seeing you. 

Oh yeah, and Lost is on tonite too. And I just saw Evangeline Lilly (Kate on Lost) start weeping because she thought she had destroyed priceless works of art. hee hee.

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