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It's good to be the king.

So a weekend that will live fondly on in my mind for the rest of its days comes to an end.

Kate and I got a room for the weekend in celbration of the semester ending and everything working out, all things considered.

On saturday we got in there and started the awesome immediately. We napped, read incomprehensible nonsense from the bible, (did you know God walked around in the Garden of Eden? Me neither!) jumped on the bed, studied, gave early xmas gifts, watched the wedding singer, balanced, and so forth.

Outside of the room, we got chinese with shannon, watched History of the World Pt. 1, ate lots of Za's(my favorite resturaunt, maybe), got Espresso Royale(good cookies and coffees!), walked around, and other fun stuff. It was just like, the Woodstock of good Kate times, seriously.

Also, the ride home was just like, great as well. I mean, sitting the back of a pitch black empty bus for two hours sounds like a chore, but man, toss in Abbey Road, A Ghost is Born, and Gimme Fiction and that ride suddenly becomes an emotional ordeal. Staring out those windows at the long dark and little lights transforms into a mini-light show, made just for me. It was just really neat.

So now I'm home and reading more Brother's War and doing some homework and remembering I didn't eat dinner. So I snack on the pizza goldfish I bought for Kate months ago, and they are damn satisfying. (sorry, i caved.)

All-together, a weekend that all other weekends can measure up to.

Be seeing you.

My computer just decided to shuffle songs without me telling it to. ...weird.
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