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"Pay as you exit"...I don't get it.


Living in the garage is proving a mixed blessing. I love it though, and refuse to give up on it.

My momma bought me new awesome slippers. They're cushy as hell and snug and I can feel my toes out here now!

And made me an awesome pasta-sauce-sausage dinner with green beans and bread. I am so full it feels like too muches.

I have an idea for a new story, after a few days of being completely dry.

I am buying a guitar from jake in January.

I wish Kate would come back. Yesterday was an unusually difficult day to get through without her. Much sulking.

Though I have my Kate-titutes: The Beatles, Magic, Comics, Stories. And they've been especially nice of late.

I have muchos homework to do today and tommorow. Write my CWriting final paper; my final persuasive speech. And all of my History quizzes, the final test, the discussion boards. Heesh.

~"he says religion don't mean a thing, just another way to be right wing"~ I just made out that lyric. I love songs that tell stories. mmm.

Working on Cootie has been fun. I'm re-editing the whole thing from scratch, so though hectic, I feel like I never laugh as much as I do when I see these scenes and outtakes.


My hands are cold now.

Be seeing you.

~I think I'll call mah baybeh.~
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